Microsoft Azure

Uncap the potential of your business with more than a hundred Microsoft Azure cloud products. We are here to make them ready-to-use for your business. The name Microsoft itself is so familiar to all of us as a household name, yet leverages businesses to reach the pinnacle of their industry. With our managed services you can configure and set up your own IT environment in the cloud and benefit from the familiar as well as unfamiliar aspects of the platform. Azure is continuously innovating in order to keep up with the other changing demands and trends. So, we are also continuously updating ourselves in both knowledge and technology to always be launch-ready for any given project. We have accepted the migration load of many clients and successfully retained the quality standards in the further maintenance of their infrastructure. Azure is a whole ecosystem of solutions and products which when managed neatly can offer uncountable benefits.

What can we do for you?

Azure migration
  • Offer highest quality expertise to streamline all channels.
  • Understand your business’s unique requirements.
  • Strategize the entire migration and maintenance process.
  • Design and deployment process.
  • Mitigate risks and setbacks
  • Secure your data from third-party data mining or misuse.
  • Find out hidden costs and bring them into the light.
  • Optimize your investment in Azure.
  • Seamlessly integrate your on-premises and cloud infrastructure.
  • Balanced provisioning of resources.

Infrastructure allotment, azure migration, certification, disaster recovery or backup, we cover Azure migration from edge to edge. There is no area that has slipped out of our knowledge. Since we have been in this field for many years, we are well aware of the little details of the older systems and their common problems. We also understand the need for privacy standards and security and are highly vigilant of security while using applications for your cloud management. We cater to a broad section of frameworks, operating systems, and languages and can equally load them to your new platform. We have a deep understanding of Azure and its connections to the other software. Microsoft is probably the most integration-friendly platform; integrating finely with the existing windows and Microsoft IT infrastructure. The team at Pushtii is efficient, qualified and experienced in identifying vulnerabilities, possible disruptions, and threats and address them proficiently.

Whether you are starting afresh, or migrating from the old set up, or using hybrid, we have solutions for all types of cloud implementation. Working with Azure has its own merits. Its creators have offered the world with highly user-friendly solutions and are now booming in business-oriented applications. We are also careful about the loss occurred due to downtime, especially while updating the fleet. Applying patches to the updates is also an essential part of the maintenance protocol. We emphasize the automation of work as much as possible, for the lowest disruption to the users. This is a part of our expertise in sharing the workloads and improving customer experience. You will feel the difference. We are here to make Azure for you – less time-consuming, not burdensome, intelligible and facilitating. If the mishmash of virtualization, servers, storage and networking on Azure alone doesn’t fit perfectly, we can also distribute them over other platforms, mainly Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.


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