Amazon Web Services

With over 165+ services, AWS has way more to give than to count. It offers you immense cloud and compute capacity with the potential for exponential growth. Its various product categorization covers infinitely scalable compute capacity, object/data storage, document databases, relational databases, machine learning model development, virtual servers and virtual networking environment. Our job is to simplify this iterative process of migration and cloud adoption into usable and cost friendly facility. The complexity of the platform, commonly perceived as a demerit, is in fact its biggest merit that gives deep control and flexibility to the user. There are many such qualities of AWS that you can experience with our managed services.

As a reliable AWS consulting partner, we ensure that you get the best ROI and don’t have to face any problems in the technological aspect. We will set up the right environment for you according to the size and the stage of your enterprise, your budget, the scope for an increase in demand and other factors.

You will save a huge amount of money on the technical support fees charged by the cloud giant just for educating its use. Getting to know every nook and cranny of AWS may demand extensive human training which also comes with its own added cost. You save there as well. We act as a second foundation for data backup and protection, again saving a lot of money. You won’t have to struggle with downtime issues or 404 as we know perfectly how to buffer the impact of transition. You won’t be bothered by the limit to security groups and permissions. All in all, we have frequented each and every avenue in this ‘high-profile’ cloud platform and we know the solutions for the bottlenecks.

Why only Pushtii?

  • We analyze the technical compatibility and take necessary measures to even out any mismatches.
  • We provide complete software support and tools for AWS implementations.
  • We organize and channelize the data according to its hierarchy and usage.
  • We will assist you in keeping a close eye on your IT spending.
  • We can condense the resource usage for maximum cost benefits.
  • We will provide full-time monitoring and support of the performance of your AWS environment. 
  • You can stay updated and have clear visibility of the deployment process.
  • There will be extensive care and monitoring for the smooth performance of applications.
  • The configuration of the applications will be brushed up and updated from time to time.
  • Your AWS environment will stay free of threats and vulnerabilities.
  • You don’t have to worry about its bandwidth dependence.
  • We will also bring compatibility if you are using AWS along with Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.
aws migration services

Benefit the most from AWS with our managed services

  • Suitability for all types of enterprises
  • The most reliable use of cloud infrastructure
  • Accessibility and control from any part of the world
  • AWS is speedier due to highest number of regions and availability zones
  • Highest in infrastructure elasticity
  • Get easy management of contracts, licences, vaults, etc.
  • Once set up, ready to be used anytime.
    • Reduce security malpractices with IAM
  • No hassle of training manpower.

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