How to Use Quora, LInkedin For Marketing Strategy ?
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How To Use Quora, LinkedIn For Marketing Strategy ?

How Quora And Linkedin Have Emerged As Growing Platforms For Personal And Brand Marketing?

How To Use Quora, LinkedIn For Marketing Strategy ?

Quora is a social media platform that allows people to ask and answer questions, post blogs and much more. Linkedin is also a platform to create connections, but of a business nature. People find work, clients and services at Linkedin through building connections.There are hundreds and thousands of users on Quora and Linkedin who sign in just because they are looking for something.

Here you can answer subject based questions, join communities, connect directly with your readers, see in the comments what is the response for your answer,  publish your story, make connections and invite people. Both the platforms are excellent for personal branding. You can get invited to answer a few questions, people will invite you to create connections, join communities and post your ideas. There is a significant exposure in these areas which has evolved Quora and Linkedin as platforms for personal and brand marketing.

How Can Linkedin Help Your Brand Grow

  • You can create infinite connections, know other people in the industry and expand your reach to the potential customers, without inviting the clutter.
  • Participation in business events make you visible to the community. It adds value to your profession and experience. In this way you can also get references.
  • Expand your company’s network with the number of employees. As each employee switches the company, their connections also improve and they keep adding new people to the list.
  • You can connect your ‘about us’ story with your linkedin profile. Who so ever sees your story can click on the link to know more about you.

How Quora Can Help Your Brand Grow

  • Quora is the best place to offer your valuable advice, to those who are seeking it. You can advertise your proficiency by giving useful and in-depth information related to your business and add a little link to your website for more information. Your site will get some filtered traffic.
  • Answering on Quora works because only best answers get to the top and who would know better than you about your business. This becomes a great marketing opportunity. Even search engines show these answers if the keywords match.
  • A good answer gets many up-votes. The range is from one up-vote to several thousands of up-votes. The most voted answer will automatically be seen on the feed page of viewers, which means even more views and possibly more up-votes. Instead of working on quantity, if you work on quality of an answer, you might land up being the most popular person on Quora.
  • Quora is certainly not the funnel of growth. You can get a boom from a single answer or blog. It also has a blog section. The benefit you get is that your blog gets promoted through Quora’s app, which remains logged in at all by many of its fans. This is certainly way more cheaper than promoting your content on search engines. The better way is to connect your on-site blog with the quora blog.

How Can Both Help You In Brand Marketing

  • They can get you useful audience.
  • You can do a lot of off-page work here.
  • They improve the SEO.
  • You get connected to relevant communities. Read more of our articles here on our blog –
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