Cloud Infrastructure Support

Cloud Infrastructure Support

We hold many years of experience and certification in cloud management. Our engineers have become swift in the job.

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Pushtii brings cloud infrastructure management support services for the smooth virtualization of your IT environment. We use only highly tested components for the infrastructure virtualization process of almost every technological need such as servers, networks, software, storage, OS, databases, etc. The entire architecture is founded on customized needs and budget-oriented investment. Every business has its own need for hardware and software performance.

While setting up a cloud infrastructure, you do not need to buy any of that. Plus, you will save on the depreciation and other costs that usually happens in owning hardware. These benefits have made the cloud a popular and convenient option for businesses. The rising demand has also fetched in many platforms and companies, which are often difficult to choose from. Our role is to make these facilities accessible for you as well as test its ROI. Our support services will troubleshoot the problems and your IT environment will be ready round the clock. How Pushtii can make the difference:

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Our Certified Cloud Architects offer solutions that are highly scalable, secure and performance-oriented.

Talk to our Cloud expert.

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Speed up the process

We hold many years of experience and certification in cloud management. Our engineers have become swift in the job. The years of familiarity with the details of cloud platforms allow us to speed up the process.

Ease of repetition

Since the whole process of infrastructural setup is done in a planned manner, repeating the same job for a different platform will be easier. The blueprint of migration and configuration will be clearly defined in an intelligible manner. This will also allow us to easily pull out any software component when needed and replace it with a new one.

Frequent revision

It isn’t like once and for all. We closely monitor the performance, keep brushing it with updates and keep the whole setup fresh. Our understanding of the inside out of the cloud infrastructure aids us in identifying even the commonly unnoticeable signs and possible bottlenecks.

Bespoke support

Whether you privately own the infrastructure or have got it on tenancy, our deployment model is designed purely on your business requirement. We will also recommend safe practices, audit the virtual site, upgrade software, track changes, look for trends, review readiness, analyse performance and execute every essential as well as suggestive action.


We are here to make cloud supportable and coherent for your business. You will get maximum performance and reliable backup with our support services. We can collaborate with your IT department and help them to fully participate in the operational model or take the whole job on our shoulders. You can smoothen the cross-departmental communication and dependence as well as strengthen the distinction among them. In case of a gradual shift, we can prioritise the sections and create the roadmap accordingly. If you reach us in a mission-critical situation… no problem at all.

You can rely on us to unfold the solution even in the case of urgency. You also get constant optimization support to keep the virtual space in tip-top shape. Our cloud infrastructure management support will give you maximum uptime and keep continuous health checks. We dive deep into the affecting factors and help you get a fine-grained control. Pushtii Cloud Infrastructure Support is most dependable, backed by recommended practices in the cloud for both small and large businesses.