Best Practices for Your Cloud Migration – Amazon AWS

How does Application Migration Work in AWS?

Best Practices for Your Cloud Migration – Amazon AWS


Amazon Web Services allow you to develop your application in the cloud, from scratch, completely move your existing infrastructure or move a few selected applications. The AWS migration services mainly come in three subjects server, database or application migration within both homogeneous and heterogeneous platforms.

The whole process is aided by a few tools such as AWS Schema Conversion Tool, AWS Database Migration Service, AWS Server Migration Service, Migration Hub, Cloud Watch, etc. and involves a few well-planned steps.

How It Works

The objective of any application migration is to run the application seamlessly and go live with minimum downtime. To achieve this target assessment analysis plays a crucial role. First of all, an assessment has to be carried out which will produce an initial report stating the points to be addressed.

Some codes are automatically converted for the new platform, some have to be attended to. The converted schema and SQL statements have to be analyzed before progressing for the transfer.

The schema is migrated and re-translated to the target code. The main migration is a very small part of the whole process. You just have to queue the subject and monitor the process at Migration Hub.

Large apps cannot bear a one-time transfer of all databases. AWS Database Migration Service comes in handy to break the process into little chunks, transfers the translated data to the target and lists down those needed to be done manually.

These segments then work altogether and need to be tested for any patches. Also, the compatibility of the coveted code is really important.

Test for any fallout’s in the migration and create separate copies for any data that has been left behind due to some kind of failure. These failures to comply with the target platform can be healed at this stage.

After setting up the app into its fresh environment you can go live and see the difference in productivity in the new habitat through Cloud-watch logs.

How Application Migration Service Helps

Your storage remains backed up at all times mitigating the risk of loss of data. The service is highly scalable, durable, faster, agile and flexible.

The applications run on the AWS cloud are better managed with fine-grained control of the root account holder. You can assign groups and roles and control each aspect of their behavior.

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