About Us

Our Thought Process. We live by this code.

What We Do

In an ideal world, your website would cease to exist, if the Infrastructure provided is not optimum and secured. Security is a key word here in identifying the challenges that we face everyday. We, at Pushtii, design and setup cloud environments, integrate them for you, keep them secured and keep them working for you without any interruptions. So your website or Application should keep running non-stop.

We provide ideal Cloud Solutions after understanding your requirement which fits your pocket well and are robust and secured.

Who We Are

We are a friendly team of  24/7  DevOps Support. We provide Cloud Infrastructure Management Services Support, Cloud Migration Support on 3 top platforms — AWS, GCP, Azure. We take care of your company’s needs and design the network environment with Security as the top priority and setup secured environments. We also Analyse existing environments and suggest guidelines if and when there is room for improvement.

Our very experienced DevOps team helps you at every step so that you continue working and keep doing what you do best –Your Business.

What We Offer

The services offered by our expert responsive website designers make sure that your business benefits from visually appealing websites which can be used across various devices.

Our effort is to enhance the visual pleasure of your customers, in anyway possible, while maintaining the overall functionality of the website, so it keeps working like a well-oiled machine.

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Our Philosophy

Quality Deliverance, Meet Deadlines, Provide Maintenance—> Repeat.

Based on this simple philosophy, we have delivered over 350+ web projects, with over 90+ Ecommerce projects to clients across the globe.Work with us and discover the difference our web development company Pushtii can make to your business.

Our design process is second to none and we take care of your website and online business and let you concentrate on what you do best — YOUR BUSINESS.

This not only gives you an extra edge over your competitors, but also shoots you ahead and become Business Leader.

As Digital Business is becoming the norm of the day, the Technology pushing it is slowly becoming a game-changer by spurring top-line growth and creating new business models. Our job is to keep you appraised of these changes, regularly, on the trot.


A way forward –Reimagining.

web development company pushtii is helping companies reimagine and rapidly realize their value and the way they deliver it with radical customer-centricity.

Storylines work for Designing Projects. IT Modernization through Strategy and Assessment. Marketing Strategy through Marketing Science and Performance Optimization help us in delivering Digital Products and Services Design.

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Creative Process

Sketching->Defining Content-> Creating Workflow-> Wireframe->Visual Mock-ups

The designing stage is arguably one of the most important stages of a web project. It typically involves giving shape to all the information defined in the planning stage. The main deliverables upon completion of the design phase are documented site structure and visual representation of the website.


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