24*7 DevOps Support

January 3, 2022 0 Comments

DevOps is changing IT culture with mutual collaboration among different teams. They come as a whole in bringing continuous improvement in services. The DevOps based applications rely on a never down approach which makes 24*7 support very essential to its success. Most of it is automated, cloud-based, and agile. A team must have its sleeves rolled up all the time to control the automation and to add bits of human touch. DevOps 24*7 support team has to stick by a few practices.

Data orientation: Every strategy in DevOps must have a clear outlook driven by analysis from the data collected. All the necessary data needs to be properly collected, sorted, and analyzed in order to make the most out of it. Here one requires data management, input consistency, good quality sources, and derivation according to business intelligence.

Security: The biggest nightmare in a security breach is a real-time attack, which is a sign of a huge gap in the continuous delivery system of DevOps. There are several stages before an actual attack happens. Around-the-clock monitoring and testing can bring those gaps forward into the notice of the development team. There has to be continuous testing and integration, compliance to regulations, script rechecking, separation of deployment from development, data transfer clean-ups, robust control features, and other best security practices.

Deployment: Time plays a crucial role in the success of DevOps. Once an issue has been reported and mitigated, the teams have to come up with its final remedy. That forms a deployment train of the application, often largely consisting of automation. If a certain version of the delivery does not function properly, the application also needs to be reset to a previous version. Thus, teams have to keep developing new solutions and make them useful in the first instance to avoid delays and rework for the deployment part.

Cross-team coordination: DevOps broadly sounds development and operations but the teams that come together in the whole process are many more. There are planners and specialists for development, deployment, delivery, release, monitoring, security, and operations. They all must have open communication along with the neat channeling of the process.

Continuity: The whole process is indeed an endless loop. The implementation of everything has to be a continuous and consistent process. Higher the intervals of improvement, the greater will be the outcome. The process of continuous development, feedback, integration, testing, delivery, release, gain feedback, and development makes the finest of the applications over a period of time and iteration. Such continuity and consistency are impossible without 24*7 support.